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ETIQLAB SRL is a benefit company born to promote a better way of living.

What is “better”?

We think the ultimate quality is doing things well, for everyone. To do this, we put all our passion and knowledge into researching, creating and promoting sustainable products and services that can have a positive impact on people’s lives – and not only.

We believe in a better world – we try to make it real. We have at heart the people as the planet, and we base our choices on this.

We create, promote and participate in  businesses and nonprofit projects centred on Ethics, Sustainability and Personal health.


Get in Touch

ETIQLAB S.R.L. Società Benefit a Socio Unico – P.Iva 12488410015 – Sede Legale: Via Elba, 13 – 10136 Turin (TO) Italy – PEC: –  Capitale Sociale: 10.000,00 € I.V.

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